Crisis Management Services

Not all problems faced by corporations and individuals result immediately in litigation. Smith & Fawer attorneys are used to that “call in the night” from clients who have found themselves urgently under scrutiny and who are facing imminent exposure from criminal investigations, civil lawsuits and potential administrative enforcement actions. Our attorneys mobilize in response to such calls by providing the following responses:
  • Pre-suit and pre-indictment investigation;
  • Management of media relations;
  • Negotiation with prosecutors and other government officials;
  • Representation in administrative proceedings before the Louisiana Ethics Board, the Securities and Exchange Commission, Universities and Schools and other administrative bodies;
  • Aggressive defense of civil litigation;
  • Aggressive defense of criminal litigation;
  • Strategic combination of civil, criminal and administrative remedies.
Individuals and corporations faced with attack from multiple flanks must coordinate their response so that activities in one forum will not prejudice the individual or corporation in another. Smith & Fawer provides just such a unified response to those of our clients facing “bet-the-company” crises.
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